Venue: Yeah Maybe

Date: 2016


Photography: Wen-Li Chen


Artworks (in no particular order)


Untitled, 2013-2016

Oil, water-slide decal, furniture polish on denim


Untitled, 2012-2016

Cat scratcher


Through the drafts of their own deafness

Baseball autographed by Yogi Berra (Commissioned)





Untitled, 2014-2016

Corrugated fiberboard, perspex, silicone, digitally printed image






Appropriated oil painting study on paper


The custom had arisen of requiring the younger students, those who had not yet been admitted into the order, to compose from time to time a special kind of essay or stylistic exercise which was called “A Life”.  It was to be a fictitious autobiography set in any period of the past the writer chose. The student’s assignment was to transpose himself back to the surroundings, culture, and intellectual climate of any earlier era and to imagine himself living a suitable life in that period.


In writing such Lives students made a stab at a cautious penetration of past cultures, times, and countries, just as they did in many seminars on stylistics, and in the Glass Bead Game as well. They learned to regard their own persons as masks, as the transitory garb of an entelechy.


- The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse (Pg. 103 – 105)



Aluminum trimmed 3M™ Nomad™ medium traffic backed scraper mat with bronze eyelets